How to Keep Your Septic System Working Properly

Take advantage of our thorough septic tank cleaning service in Sterling Heights, Roseville, Harrison Charter Township, MI and the surrounding areas

When your septic system stops working, there's likely a much more cost-effective solution than switching to the city sewer. Don't give up on your septic system - hire Harvey and Sons Septic Tank Service to clean your tank. Our septic cleaning service will vacuum all the sludge out of your tank to ensure that your system continues working efficiently.

Schedule septic tank cleaning services by calling our local office in Sterling Heights, Roseville & Harrison Charter Township, MI today.

Looking for a crew that does a clean job from start to finish?

Looking for a crew that does a clean job from start to finish?

You've come to the right place - we have decades of experience pumping out septic systems without making a mess. By trusting our pros to do regular septic tank cleaning, we can:

  • Find problems before they turn into expensive repairs
  • Prevent sewage backups and slow drainage issues
  • Help extend the life span of your drainfield

For more information about our septic cleaning service in Sterling Heights & Harrison Charter Township, MI and surrounding areas, contact a member of our team today.

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